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Some interesting facts about Jack Daniels whiskey

  10/20/2021 at 21:57 pm

Perhaps, all contemporary liquor stores in the world share one standard product: Jack Daniels whiskey, shortly JD, on their whiskey sections. Jack Daniels is one of the most well-known whiskey brands, and every whiskey connoisseur would have once talked and tasted this spirit in his life.

Some interesting facts about Jack Daniels whiskey

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Created in the most popular sour mash manner, Jack Daniels is similar to bourbon and is filtered through charcoal. What makes Jack Daniels most famous all over the world is its inexpensive price tag and its availability.

Reasonably enough, Jack Daniels is an excellent whiskey to start with, as it mixes up well with other beverages to enhance their taste for your palate. Read to know breakdowns of the facts to understand why Jack Daniels is a much-hyped whiskey brand.


history jack daniels whiskey

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Like many luxury brands worldwide who are named after their creators, Jack Daniels whiskey bears its name from its inventor, Jack Daniels. Born in Tennessee, Jack was the son of a civilian who got killed in the American Civil War, leaving Jack and his siblings behind. In his teenage years, Jack had to work in a distillery where he learned the art of distilling whiskey. In 1875, Jack registered his distillery against registration number 7 to sell his product. This is the reason behind labeling "old No.7" on every bottle of Jack Daniels. 

In 1907, Jack officially gave his distillery to his beloved nephew Lem Moltow. The latter fought for many years the case on state prohibition on alcohol until he was allowed to reopen his distillery in the late 1930s. 

After his death, his family sold the distillery to Brown-Forman Corporation, whose popular brands include Woodford Reserve and Old Forester.  The company revised the formula by lowering the alcohol content in Jack Daniels to 80 proof to this very date. This controversial journey never affected the product and has made it a famous whiskey on the planet.


Jack Daniels Whiskey Facts


Jack Daniels Whiskey Facts

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Like all whiskey, Jack Daniels whiskey is created in the “sour mash manner” popular in Tennessee. The fermented mash includes 80% maize, 12% rye, and 8% malted barley. 

Sour mash whiskey

Bourbon, Scotch Whisky, Rye Whiskey, and Jack Daniels Tennessee are “brown spirits.” But each is different from the other in terms of taste, price, sourness, and sweetness. Jack Daniels whiskey is a traditional American whiskey that uses a sour-mash manner for distilling.

The term “sour mash” refers to a traditional method of distillation that includes material from old distillation to the mash. This procedure enhances the acidity of the liquid by promoting fermentation and converting the grain sugar into alcohol. 

How is Jack Daniels whiskey made?


How is Jack Daniels whiskey made

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Jack Daniels whiskey is a grain-based spirit that uses grains such as wheat, barley, or rye to convert the starch in the grains into sugar. After that, yeast is added to the sugary mixture to let fermentation do its work. At this level, the alcohol content is below 10%. Here, the combination goes through a distillation process to increase the concentration of alcohol content. 

A pot still, which is where a part of the distiller's beer is put in a big copper pot with a long, narrow neck, is the conventional technique. This method is time-consuming and takes many runs through the still to get a high enough alcohol concentration, but it usually results in a more flavored spirit.

The ‘column still’, ‘continuous still’, and ‘Coffey still’ are the main processes used for distillation.

At this level, the alcohol is tasteless and is as white as Christmas snow. This type of whiskey is called “white dog” or “white lightning.” 

At the next level, to give Jack Daniels whiskey its color and taste, it is stored in barrels for an extended period of time. Working under the forces of temperature and humidity, the color and flavor start changing until you get a sour brown whiskey.

The world's most famous whiskey label, Old No.7, is a juiced-up version of Jack Daniels single barrel whiskey for whiskey lovers. Compared to a Tennessee whiskey that is bottled at a minimum of 80 proof, Single Barrel Jack Daniels whiskey is bottled at 94 proof. It is more complex and sweeter, bursting with subtle notes of caramel than other versions of Jack Daniels whiskeys. 


The name Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, alcohol content, and similarities to bourbon


jack daniels tennessee whiskey

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Tennessee whiskey is identical to American-made bourbon whiskey. Nonetheless, bourbon whiskey can be produced anywhere in America, whereas Tennessee whiskey is not made outside the state. Additionally, Tennessee whiskey undergoes a charcoal filtering process before aging to give the whiskey its mellow character. In terms of taste, it provides a hint of charcoal combining with the toasted oak caramel and vanilla. People prefer to drink it straight, while some use it in cocktail recipes. The alcohol content is 40%, volume 80 proof.

Is Jack Daniels whiskey worth it?


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As I have mentioned before, It's nearly impossible that a whisky lover would not have tasted Jack Daniels in his life. Good on your palate and wallet, Jack Daniels Tennessee is suitable for any beginner who is looking for a mellowing brown spirit.

The combination of Jack and Coke brings the best flavor for many and has made the recipe much-touted in every party where whiskey connoisseurs are. Jack Daniels is not only great whiskey to sip, but it also works well when used in cooking. In grilled foods, whiskey is becoming the main cooking ingredient to enhance the flavor of every barbecue recipe. Many southern-style recipes also use a hint of Tennessee for promoting good flavors. Jack Daniels Tennessee is worth your money as it brings an exotic taste to every whiskey-based recipe.


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Final thoughts

Jack Daniels whiskey is an inexpensive brown spirit that might be uneventful for many whiskey enthusiasts. However, if you’re new to the territory of whiskey, Jack Daniels might be the best option for you to start with as it’s light on your wallet, tastes excellent, and is readily available all over the world.

By Brandon