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Liquor Book Inc Return Policy


  • What is your return policy?

For alcoholic products, we as licensees of the State Of Michigan must follow Administrative Rule 436.1531

Administrative Rule 436.1531 states that an off-premises licensee may accept from a customer, for a cash refund or exchange, an alcoholic liquor product purchased by the customer from the off-premises licensee if the product is demonstrably spoiled or contaminated or the container damaged to the extent that the contents would likely be of an unsanitary nature or unfit for consumption and if the returned product is not resold and is removed from the licensed premises as soon as practicable, but not more than 14 days after its return.  Otherwise, retailers cannot accept returns on alcohol for exchange or refund.

  • What about non alcoholic products?

Non alcoholic products may be returned within 3 days of delivery, returns must be made in store and you must have the original receipt. We will not be able to send a driver to pick up a return but if you were delivered the wrong product we will fix the issue upon request.